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Q: My Mechainc says my disc rotors need replacing as well as my brake pads, why?

The reason you need to replace disc rotors is disc rotors wear just like brake pads wear, your manufacturer provides a minimum thickness allowed for your disc rotor, if your rotors are "undersize" they can distort, crack and fall apart causing a major safety issue.

Q: Why should i bring my car to you and not a dealership?

Service and cost, we can service your car with  the personalised attention you deserve, you can talk to the mechainc that works on your car and see whats been done and why, also without the major overheads and marketing ploys we can save an average of 30% on all your repairs and servicing.

Q: I can't afford a service right now, can i skip one service?

The simple answer is no, with service schedules these days cars can have up to 20,000km intervals depending on manufacturer, just by skipping one service it is possible to do major engine damage, would you rather spend $200 on a service or $5000 on an engine rebuild?

Q: Why do i need to change my Timing belt? And When ?

The timing belt in your engine is what drives the camshafts in the cylinder head/s which in turn controls the opening of the valves in your engine, if your timing belt breaks the top half of the engine stops and bottom half (pistons and crankshaft) will smash whatever parts are in the way causing major engine damage. Thats why it's vital you follow your manufactures recomendation for timing belt replacment.